Norris Design shares innovative ideas to help the world grow

It’s been a busy fall for the Norris Design team! From soaking up ideas from at conferences across the state of Colorado to sharing innovative ideas of our own, here’s a look at what we’ve been up to!

At the American Planning Association Colorado Chapter‘s annual conference, we shared creative solutions to help public and private sector planners meet in the middle. With a goal of providing solutions for both parties, we identified common challenges that influence the course of the development review process and ways to navigate through them successfully.

At the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association‘s annual conference, Norris Design Principals Kurt Friesen and Megan Testin presented key ideas to designing successful park spaces. They focused on ways to make parks more inviting and how to design spaces that appeal to people of all ages.

We look to events like the CPRA Conference as a space to both share our ideas and gain fresh insight from other industry leaders. This supports our purpose of helping the world grow.

— Megan Testin, Principal