Norris Design celebrates Women in Construction Week 2024

Happy Women in Construction Week! All women at Norris Design are women in construction and we’re proud to have 30% more women in our company than the national average. Check out what some of our ladies have to say about why this week is important and what being a woman in construction means to them in their careers.

“I grew up in a family that was always building things, and I joined in from a young age — whether it was building a barn or creating furniture for my dollhouse. I always enjoyed figuring out how things fit together, and I love helping turn our ideas into reality.”
Brandi Rice, Principal, Frisco

“I’ve always wanted to make my mark on the world — I remember going out on site the first time and seeing pavement that had been installed exactly as I had graded it! Placemaking starts at the details — the feel of a bench, the sound of bubbling water, and the smell of the trees — all the sensory experiences people have in a space were once lines in CAD and brought together, checked for quality, and installed by people in construction.”
Emily Larkin, Associate, Dallas

“Working in the construction industry allows me to be a part of creating spaces for our greater community. I take pride in nurturing the relationships built along the way through every facet of a project, from contractor to supplier to developer, and seeing the built product become another valued element of our everyday lives.”
LeeAnn Roessler, Project Manager

“Collaborating with a diverse group of people to take a vision and turn it into a place for people to enjoy is my favorite part of this industry. I get to help the world grow EVERY DAY whether it’s by participating in a design charette, creating construction documents or being on a construction site — it certainly makes for a fulfilling and fun career!”
Amy Peron, Senior Associate

“I love helping the vision come together! Construction is creation all on its own. It is a time to be flexible and work collaboratively as needed to get to the best solution.”
Megan Testin, Principal