West Oak Alley

Fort Collins, Colorado

West Oak Alley is located centrally in downtown Fort Collins. The historic hotel at its south end served as inspiration and the ultimate design pays homage to the prohibition period and the influence of Art Deco. The paver colors and patterns, furnishings, and most notably, the entry feature, reflect this style. Norris Design collaborated with artist Barabara Grygutis to create custom fans that stand on both sides of the alley’s north entrance. Custom die-cuts in the fan blades allow for light to shine through, creating dynamic shadow-play on the ground. At night, the edge of each fan is lit using LED strip lighting. A single fan marks the south end entrance and is set back to avoid the floodway.

The renovation of West Oak Alley continues the successful work of the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority (DDA) in revitalizing the historic downtown alleys. To date, the alleys that have been enhanced have become an iconic and identifiable element of the urban fabric of Fort Collins and a precedent for communities around the country. This project builds on that legacy, creating aesthetically pleasing pedestrian corridors that enhance the economic vitality, vibrancy and uniqueness of the Fort Collins community.


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Construction Services
  • Irrigation Design
  • Urban Planning & Design
  • Video Production
  • 3D Visualization


  • Signage/Monumentation