The Cadence on Congress

Tucson, Arizona

The Plaza Centro Student Housing development serves as the eastern gateway to downtown Tucson and is located on the modern streetcar route. The site was designed to integrate the new buildings and streetscape into the downtown character while highlighting the architectural design. Residents enjoy unique courtyard spaces, a dynamic rooftop deck that overlooks Congress Street and a pool area with an outdoor kitchen. Landscape planting responds to the Arizona climate, integrating shade and water conservation elements. An efficient irrigation system with an ET-based controller and native/adapted plants are utilized to achieve water management goals.


  • Landscape Architecture
  • Branding
  • Construction Services
  • Irrigation
  • 3D Visualization


  • Amenity Deck
  • Pool
  • Signage/Monumentation
  • Sustainable Design
  • Low-water/Xeric Planting