Westracks is a collection of natural recreation areas that inspire the adventurous to explore tracks and trails of all kinds. This unique outdoor playground includes hiking and biking trails, fossilized dinosaur tracks and historical sites of interest for people of all ages. Working with Jefferson County Open Space we created a masterbrand strategy to connect places like Matthews Winters Park, Green Mountain and Dinosaur Ridge through shared values, a consistent identity and a unifying brand promise that gets people outside and moving. The Westracks name, logo, colors, voice, tone and overall design language all echo that spirit and transport you to a place just minutes from town that feels miles away.


Jefferson County Open Space


Jefferson County, Colorado


Identity Design

More to the Story

Jefferson County wanted to turn neighboring recreation areas with unique identities into a single outdoor destination experience.

While each recreation area is distinct, they share a common connection. They all contain tracks and trails with stories worth exploring.

Westracks was crafted as an invitation to the adventurous to explore those stories. A unique natural playground that inspires people of all ages to get outside and make tracks of their own.