The Bridges

The Bridges will be one of the most impactful mixed-use developments in decades for the City of Tucson. The diverse campus brings research and development, technology, retail, housing options and major brands like GEICO to create the missing link in the fabric of the market. As a key gateway between downtown Tucson and the University of Arizona campus, The Bridges fulfills a vision for change and a spur of economic development that will be realized in built form.


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Tucson, Arizona


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Initially envisioned more than 15 years ago, The Bridges sought to fill a gap in the economic fabric of the City of Tucson.

Through brand exploration and unique partnerships, we envisioned a campus that could provide the market with conveniences, job opportunities and attainable housing.

Once realized, The Bridges will carry Tucson into the future as a central hub of regional activity and economic opportunity to support the population of today and tomorrow.

A partnership to bring GEICO’s headquarters to the campus will provide the local economy with jobs and attracting additional retailers.

Additional partnerships with the University of Arizona and the Pima County Joint Technological Education District will provide the community with convenient educational and economic opportunities.

Norris Design created a master brand for the campus creating a richer story of the community where anything is possible because there’s a bridge to everything.