As the first collaborative farming community in Colorado, RainDance balances the traditions of agriculture with the necessities of a modern lifestyle. Celebrating the rich agricultural history of the region, residents live in the farm among functional fields and orchards, sharing the produce of 50 acres of cultivated landscape. Four distinct districts celebrate the seasons, embodying winter, spring, summer and fall through unique landscape elements, plant palettes, street names and farm crops. Agrarian patterns bring the farming style to the heart of the community, and pedestrian-friendly public spaces embrace the hospitality of a classic small-farm town with farmer’s markets, produce stands, harvest festivals and other “agritainment.”



  • 2022 National Association of Home Builders The Nationals, Gold Award, Best Landscape of a Community
  • 2020 National Association of Home Builders Best in American Living, Silver Award, On the Boards Community
  • 2019 ASLA Colorado Merit Award: Planning


Water Valley Land Company


Windsor, Colorado


Planning Landscape Architecture Branding Community/Public Engagement Entitlements/Zoning Irrigation Motion Graphics 3D Visualizations

If farming is in our future, then it must evolve to become inclusively sustainable.

Our team created a foundation for a new type of agricultural community by establishing four planning cornerstones.

The vision for RainDance offers sustainable farming close-to-home, allowing all residents to participate and share the bounty.

Four neighborhoods were established around a seasonal theme, directly connecting people to the fruits of the land, the food on their tables and the cycles of change that make every season special.

This seasonal theme is reflected in the landscape architecture, park programs, signature plant palettes, street names and crops grown in each district.

Specific locations within the interior of the property were created as a habitat for plants and small species of wildlife to thrive.

Economic partnerships offer opportunity for collaboration — the Colorado Cherry Pie Company is the first. They’ll use fruit from the orchards behind their facility and their storefront will serve as the welcome center for the community.