Midtown is an ASLA award-winning boutique community located in Denver, Colorado. Transformed from an urban infill brownfield site to a creative neighborhood just five miles from downtown, it stands as one of Denver’s most popular communities. Midtown is a modern, yet historically traditional, walkable and sustainable community, with a diverse mix of housing and opportunity.


  • 2018 ASLA Colorado Merit Award: Midtown Main Street Amenities
  • 2016 ASLA Colorado Merit Award: Home Plate Park at Midtown
  • 2014 ASLA Colorado Merit Award: Planning


Brookfield Residential
Various Homebuilders


Adams County, Colorado


Landscape Architecture
Construction Services
3D Visualizations

During the midst of a recession, we needed to transform an urban infill brownfield into a contemporary mixed density community.

Homebuyers wanted new construction with traditional urban character. A place with pedestrian-friendly streetscapes, modern designs and social spaces.

We envisioned Midtown. A smart-growth, modern boutique neighborhood capable of revitalizing land and inspiring community. A place planned with ideas from the best historic neighborhoods in Denver and reimagined for the future with innovative solutions built for tomorrow.

Streetscapes were designed to enhance the pedestrian experience. Bump outs were incorporated for broader, friendlier access.

Diagonal parking was introduced to invite main street activation, build community and create a town center feel.

A mix of densities and diverse lot sizes add character to the community while offering opportunity for everyone.