Planning for People. With Purpose.

Possibility — where all planning begins. To discover the potential that is inherent in every site, our planners study not only what is, but what could be. Norris Design staff explore every avenue to uncover where possibility lives — and then focus on the practical solutions that create a place that is vibrant, balanced and positioned for the future. The possibility of placemaking lays the foundation for community, in every sense of the word.


Brookfield Residential

Mixed-Use Master Planned Community

Midtown is an ASLA award-winning boutique community located in Denver, Colorado.

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Water Valley Land Company

Collaborative Farming Community

As the first collaborative farming community in Colorado, RainDance balances the traditions of agriculture with the necessities of a modern lifestyle.

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The Bridges

Bourn Companies/City of Tucson

Mixed-Use Campus

The Bridges will be one of the most impactful mixed-use developments in decades for the City of Tucson.

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