Baseline East Sheridan

Posted on December 18, 2018

Baseline East Sheridan is a 77-acre village within the 1,100-acre Baseline Community. Conveniently located at the nexus of Highway 7, (Baseline) I-25, Northwest Parkway and Sheridan Boulevard, Baseline East Sheridan will provide 1,345 units of residential density as a mix of townhomes, condos, apartments, low-income housing and small lot single family detached residences.

The community is founded upon the guiding principles of Environmental Stewardship, Healthy Living, and Innovation. East Sheridan will be a Pollinator District, which guides the design of all public spaces within the community. East Sheridan is envisioned to be a walkable, high-density community whose feel will be decidedly more urban than its surrounding suburban context. East Sheridan is a new community at the intersection of urban life and outdoor adventure.