Library fee adjustments on future council agenda

Posted on March 9, 2017
This article was written by The Glendale Star and was originally featured online

During the Feb. 8 Library Advisory Board meeting, Norris Design Group presented proposed fee adjustments for the city’s three libraries. The Library Advisory Board voted unanimously to send the new proposal to city council for approval at a future meeting.

The city selected Norris Design Group in 2015, based on its history of being a worldwide leading strategic partner in planning, landscape architecture and project promotion that creates value and a great experience for its clients by combining excellent service with innovative and implementable solutions.

“In December 2015, Norris Design Group presented a commissioned to review after evaluating and make recommendations regarding the fee philosophy used to derive user fees for the Parks, Recreation and Library Divisions,” said Glendale Chief Librarian Michael Beck. “A financial analysis of the proposed fee recommendations was presented for consideration.”

Beck said Norris looked at all fees charged at other libraries in the Valley when devising their fee outlines for Glendale.

Those recommendations include dropping the price of color copy and overdue DVD rental fees from $1 to 50 cents; reducing fees from collection agencies from $30 to $15; reducing non-resident library card fees from $60 to $40; reducing fees for small meeting rooms to $10, medium meeting rooms to $20, and large meeting rooms to $140 per hour. They also recommended eliminating unclaimed hold fees.

If approved by council,Norris  estimated the financial impact would be a loss of $39,000 in fiscal year 2017-18, but not expected to have a negative impact in the five-year financial forecast for the library.

The library department has 44 full-time and 20 part-time employees and estimates library attendance was near 135,000 in 2016.

Council is expected to approve the proposal when it comes before them at a future meeting.