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RainDance River Resort

Serving as a hub for wholesome family fun, RainDance River Resort features the state’s largest lazy river designed to connect its community with the rich agricultural history of Northern Colorado. A microcosm of its lively surroundings, the resort-style pool is situated within a 13.4-acre park and is connected to open space, orchards and farmland through an extensive trail network. Large scale amenities celebrate simple pleasures, and every element evokes an immersive experience of “Living in the Farm.”

At RainDance River Resort, authentic design details take root in nostalgia, while repurposed materials forward sustainability. Agrarian patterns guided the pool and landscape design, and farm equipment was modified to function playfully. A working center pivot irrigation system serves as a custom water feature. A silo tower slide spills to a lazy river in the shape of the RainDance logo. It’s a homegrown pool concept and a watering hole reimagined. Water is the lifeblood of a farm, after all. RainDance River Resort is designed to be a central source for a thriving community.