Norris Design’s inaugural gardening group kicks off with a seed exchange!

Posted on April 5, 2022

Last month, Norris Design’s inaugural gardening group kicked off by hosting its first event — a seed exchange. Team members from our Denver office gathered over lunch to select seeds for the season and to exchange gardening tips and tricks. The countertops spilled with seed packets, plant catalogues and even a healthy Illinois squash for inspiration.

Our goal is to grow our gardening skills by sharing everything — from seeds to tips and eventually home-grown produce! There’s certainly a wealth of knowledge to be shared among this group. — Patrick Hannon, Principal

So far, the gardening group has provided more than 500 seed packets for team members to start their gardens. They have many budding plans for spring, summer and fall.

We hope to host a seedling exchange and then a harvest exchange. We may even put together a cook book based on what people make from their harvest! — Anna Zultowski, Landscape Designer

Stay tuned for more Norris Design gardening group news!