Norris Design Tours Alameda Wholesale Nursery

Posted on June 3, 2021

In May, a group from Norris Design braved high winds, dust clouds and a bit of sunshine-rain to tour the Alameda Wholesale Nursery in Englewood. Eighteen employees gathered at the nursery to learn about plants, trees, nurseries and how they impact work at Norris Design.

Senior Associate Scott Stoddard led the group as they toured the 30-acre site, which has been in operation for over 76 years. Wandering through plots of flowers, bushes, trees and shade plants, the group learned about the purposes and design applications for each plant. Scott also pointed out what to look for when tagging plant material for projects, a key part of our construction services. The tour provided perspective on how the natural world interacts with their work — providing a more robust understanding of how these plants impact the spaces staff design, plan and brand.

Researching plant images and specifications can only get you so far with plant selection. Seeing and touching the plant in front of you will help you understand how that plant is meant to be used and how it will react to its environment over time. – Andrew Lyons | Associate, Landscape Architect

Steve Brown, Delivered Sales and Deciduous Container Manager, provided the group with copies of Alameda Wholesale Nursery’s catalog, which the designers use every day to help specify plants in their designs.