Norris Design Goes to Globeville Landing Park for National Public Lands Day

Posted on September 29, 2021

On Saturday, Norris Design joined The Greenway Foundation (TGF) for its fall stewardship day at Globeville Landing Park. The event celebrated National Public Lands Day and was hosted in coordination with Denver Parks and Recreation. Norris Design staff were among 153 volunteers who helped to spread 24 yards of mulch and collect 3,300 gallons of debris at the park.

 As designers, keeping our public spaces safe and clean is an integral part of both supporting our community and following through on the work we create. I loved seeing all the faces from Norris Design and the many other organizations who gathered to take care of this park. — Carolyn Bresnahan, Project Manager

TGF’s mission is to advance a sustainable water future, focusing primarily on Colorado and the western United States. Its next stewardship day is planned for May 2022.