Norris Design Attends APA Texas Conference in El Paso

Posted on November 2, 2022

Last month, Norris Design Principal Rick Leisner attended the American Planning Association (APA) Texas Conference in El Paso where he participated in two discussions on urban design and positive outcomes from the pandemic.

In his first panel presentation, Rick discussed Urban Design that Makes a Difference. Joe Pobiner with JPC International and Brian Keith with JHP Architecture & Urban Design joined him to provide their perspectives and placemaking experience. The trio discussed the positive impacts and challenges associated with a few recent projects in Texas and more general tactics to address urban design.

The conference was an awesome opportunity to engage peers and fellow planners in a meaningful discussion of the ways we can elevate urban design in our communities.  — Rick Leisner, Principal

Rick’s second presentation focused on Positive Outcomes in Planning due to COVID-19. This discussion with Joe Pobiner from JPC International focused on the silver linings of the pandemic, specifically from a planning perspective.