Fort Collins Alley Enhancements Ribbon Cutting

Posted on August 4, 2022

Earlier this summer, the City of Fort Collins hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the recently completed Fort Collins Alley Enhancements. This effort was an extension of the Downtown Development Authority‘s (DDA) Alley Improvement Program, which aims to contribute to the downtown area’s vibrancy and economic vitality by providing safe and attractive pedestrian corridors. The enhancements of the Tenney Court North and West Oak alleys are a continuation of this effort, with each alley being designed to tell a unique story and create vibrant, welcoming connections in downtown Fort Collins.

It was such an honor to be a part of a project that has such a visible and positive impact on the downtown community and adjacent business. — Cara Scohy, Senior Associate

Norris Design collaborated with the DDA to develop a framework for maintaining the operational and functional needs of each alley, while also keeping the DDA’s vision for the alleys top of mind. This framework addressed surface drainage, the placement of infrastructure, the addition of plantings, lighting and irrigation, and served as a guide for property delineation and parking reorganization. Design features were then incorporated in careful alignment with the framework to provide color, texture and character that transformed these stark and underused spaces into iconic connections.

Norris Design drew on the historical and physical context of each alley for design inspiration. Custom design elements for Tenney Court North include an abstract tree sculpture, created by Barbara Grygutis, and a segmented mural on the wall of the adjacent parking structure. Sculptural fans, also created by Barbara, highlight the entrances to West Oak Alley and create an overhead canopy. Standard design elements such as pedestrian light poles, hanging planter baskets and overhead festoon lights unite these two new additions with other previously renovated alleys. Custom elements were used for storytelling and are unique to each alley.