ACE Mentor Program Kicks Off in 2018

Posted on January 11, 2018

The ACE Mentor Program is a weekly after-school program for high school students interested in exploring careers in Architecture, Construction and Engineering (ACE). Industry professionals volunteer to serve as mentors at various high schools across the Denver metro area, meeting weekly with their student mentorship group to share their practice and expose students to the design and construction industry.

Norris Design Principals Wendi Birchler and John Norris have each served on the ACE Board of Directors, supporting the development and sponsorship of the program. “The program is a great way to give back to our design community and meet allied professionals in Denver,” explains John Norris. This year, Norris Design has seven employees volunteering as mentors for the 2018 program:

  • Samantha Crowder
  • Nick Persichitte
  • Dominique Raymond
  • Desneige Hallbert
  • Michelle Britton
  • Jena Biondolilo
  • Will Woodard

“Contributing to the development of the next generation of designers, helping them build a network and gain hands-on education,” is how Lead Mentor, Samantha Crowder describes her role in the program.

The program runs in the spring semester from January through May. Each student plans and designs a mock project for a real geographical site. At the end of the semester, students present their work. Selected winners from each high school are invited to further present at the annual ACE Blueprint for Success event. “This is a big deal to these students because they dress up and present their work to both a professional audience and their families, something the majority of them have never done before at only 14 or 15 years old,” Samantha explains. “They also have the opportunity to win scholarships and acceptance into allied education programs and camps.”

Norris Design is proud to participate in and sponsor this unique program as an important contribution to the future of our industry.

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