Karl’s Farm & City of Northglenn Recognized by the Economic Development Council of Colorado

Earlier this year, the Economic Development Council of Colorado announced the 2022 EDIE award recipients, recognizing economic development excellence. The City of Northglenn was recognized as the ‘Medium Community of the Year’ for its achievements in bringing the Karl’s Farm development to the City. 

With the support of the City Council, the property owners, and the community, Norris Design planned and designed a 64-acre master-planned community, which is currently under construction. Karl’s Farm will provide commercial development, a wide range of housing opportunities, parks, and a trail system with many other amenities for residents and visitors. All of these features and amenities will have economic multipliers providing construction and service jobs, diversified housing opportunities, and new retail and dining options.

In an effort to help build a vision for the property, Northglenn partnered with the Urban Land Institute and coordinated a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) to evaluate the property and determine the highest and best uses for the property.

The vision of the Karl’s Farm development through the TAP effort was to create a new neighborhood village for the City of Northglenn that reflects the important agricultural and historical heritage of the farm, as well as its role in the growth of the local community.

Karl’s Farm incorporates numerous placemaking attributes, including housing for various stages of life; connections that promote access to all forms of transport; open areas for recreation and a connection to nature; development character that reflects a common aesthetic and helps memorialize the heritage of activities that once occurred on the property, which maximizes the development opportunities provided by the area’s proximity to the FasTracks Eastlake Station.

We celebrate and honor the winners of this year’s EDIE awards, their dedication and hard work towards the progression of our industry across the state and beyond is astounding. These individuals and organizations’ contributions to our communities will help to advance the state for years to come. — Stacy Miller, 2022 Board Chair of the Economic Development Council of Colorado and the Director of Economic Development for the Town of Windsor

Portions of the information on this page were sourced from the EDCC website press release announcing this major recognition for the City of Northglenn.