Arizona APA Awards

Norris Design won the American Planning Association, Arizona Chapter’s 2022 Master Plan Award for our work on the Cottonwood Parks and Recreation Master Plan. The award recognizes a project that typically includes an original solution to a local, regional, or national concern or unique problem and also includes an implementation plan. We are honored to receive this recognition and would like to thank our clients, partners and collaborators in this effort: the City of Cottonwood, Ballard*King and Corona Insights.

Resulting from an awarded Community Development Block Grant, the City of Cottonwood engaged with Norris Design and our extended consultant team of Ballard*King and Corona Insights in 2020 to produce a 10-year Parks, Recreation, Open Space and Wayfinding Master Plan. The master plan was tailored to build upon previous plans while incorporating and responding to additional City and regional plans, including the Cottonwood General Plan 2025, the 2019-2020 Cottonwood Strategic Plan, the Cottonwood Bicycle Plan and various land and resource management plans for both Coconino and Prescott National Forests.

The culmination of incorporating these local and regional planning documents into a relevant plan review, in conjunction with a multi-step public involvement process resulted in a truly comprehensive master plan for the City of Cottonwood. The public involvement process included a statistically valid community questionnaire conducted by Corona Insights, a facility inventory and financial analysis conducted by Ballard*King, and continued partnership between our firm and various City departments.