Chris Bodine

Dallas, Texas

With enough kids to have his own basketball team (almost), Chris has a great “dad” manner that clients and staff alike respond to. Like all the best dads, he approaches life and career with honesty, integrity and commitment. A natural networker, Chris meets so many people in airports who connect him to potential projects that we’re considering installing a satellite desk for him at D/FW Airport.

A total team player, Chris has a collaborative approach from concept to design development through final construction, creating landscape spaces that are both thoughtful and functional.

Joe Daly, PLA, LEED® AP

Austin, TX

A Kansas City native who relocated to Austin in early 2016, Joe loves barbecue so much he owned and operated Woodyard BBQ, featured on the Food Network. He’s energized by a drive to learn something new with each new effort and make the most of every opportunity that a project presents. Since he made the move, he’s learned to spend every possible moment outdoors with his three sons – and that breakfast tacos aren’t just for breakfast.

Joe is adept at leading complex planning and design projects, balancing multiple disciplines, consultants and client requirements.

Rick Leisner, AICP

Dallas, TX

Rick’s boundless knowledge of placemaking goes hand-in-hand with his lifelong love of cities, public spaces and travel. A true fan of the great game of baseball, Rick has visited 14 of the 30 MLB ballparks in the U.S. When he’s not taking in a ball game, Rick travels Texas with his wife Emily and their two sons searching for the definitive BBQ and beer combo.

A talented consensus builder with extensive experience in both community planning and landscape architecture, Rick leads a wide variety of public and private projects through visioning, alternative scenario development, public engagement and implementation.

Matthew Taylor, PLA

Austin, TX

A Louisiana native, Matthew is a lifelong LSU Tiger fan who happens to own a really large cat that could pass for a small tiger (at home, Franklin’s in charge). Matthew is addicted to creating, maintaining and crossing off epic To Do lists. This comes in handy when he’s creating a construction document set, which can be viewed as the ultimate To Do list for a landscape architect.

Shaping spaces that improve people’s lives every day drew him to landscape architecture. Matthew meets challenges with a positive attitude, finding the most effective solution to an obstacle while providing encouragement to the team so everyone can do their best work.


Senior Associates

Jonathan West, PLA

Dallas, TX

With a lifelong desire to set things in order, a true joy in solving problems and a serious allergy to complex math, Jonathan decided that landscape architecture was his path. No matter what the project is, he sees plenty of opportunity to do good design. With a strong leaning toward perfectionism, Jonathan loves tapping into his creative side to think beyond two dimensions and get to the heart of the design.

Jonathan is very proud of never having sat through any of the Star Wars movies. This has given him plenty of free time to spend with his wife Rachel and their kids Reese and Daniel on their favorite activities: going to the park, visiting the zoo and searching for worms in the compost pile. Hopefully exactly in that order.

Jacob Young, PLA

Austin, Texas

Jacob grew up in a small East Texas town with farming and ranching roots — he stays close to those roots in his free time whether he’s running a tractor, working cows or smoking a mean brisket on the back porch. A natural introvert, he found that punting at A&M in front of 100,000 people didn’t bother him as much as the post-game interviews. Most autumn Saturdays find him at Kyle Field or in front of the television supporting his Aggies.

With a pragmatic perspective of design and a solid construction background, Jacob brings a critical eye for details to ensure design intent is coordinated through the construction process and translated into results. And if there’s a post-project interview involved, it doesn’t bother him at all.