Mitch Black, PLA, LEED® AP

Denver, CO

Mitch believes in rational thought, strategic vision and the power of chocolate. A trusted leader, he guides Norris Design with deliberate, thoughtful decision making. Mitch’s positive attitude and calm approach benefit clients and staff alike, and his attention to detail is unmatched. A connoisseur of master planned communities and fine desserts around the world, Mitch knows that the little things can make all the difference.

Mitch’s practice focuses on creating innovative solutions for a range of real estate ventures involving master planning, branding/visioning, site planning, and landscape architecture.

Jared Carlon, PLA

Denver, CO

Jared began his Norris Design career as an intern which helps explain his commitment to mentoring our future leaders. A Colorado native, Jared is always ready to create the state’s next great space. He launched his impressive network of connections in his Arvada kindergarten class, and enjoys spending free time with his wife Annie and chasing his four kids around. Jared truly believes his beloved CU Buffaloes will win the national championship – every single year.

With degrees in both planning and landscape architecture, Jared is involved with multiple aspects of projects, from site planning and entitlement coordination to landscape design through construction on a wide variety of project types.

Jordan Dame

Denver, CO

A pioneer on the technology frontier, Jordan believes in making innovation an everyday initiative to best showcase Norris Design solutions and ideas. He’s a rabid Rockies fan and it’s always Rocktober in Jordan’s world, regardless of what the statistics say. Dedicated to both work and fun, Jordan’s credo is: “I have time for this one, two more, and another”, whether it’s a project, a 3D visual, or a beer.

With a background in landscape architecture, GIS and 3D visualization, Jordan’s focus is keeping Norris Design at the forefront of analytical and visual technology.

Brad Haigh, PLA

Denver, CO

Dedicated, reliable, thoughtful – and competitive as heck – Brad is also a natural collaborator and trusted mentor. His focus on great spaces is joined by his commitment to enhancing and evolving the Norris Design brand. A snappy dresser with a sophisticated style sense, Brad also knows all the lyrics to “Frozen” which he demonstrates in singing competitions with his two little girls.

As a landscape architect, Brad is committed to a creative and functional design process to establish place and a unique identity.

Patrick Hannon

Denver, CO

Known for his calm demeanor, collaborative spirit and dry sense of humor, Patrick harbors an unexpected love for standard poodles (without the crazy haircuts). A teacher and mentor, he’s always available to help: answering AutoCAD questions, interpreting municipal code or suggesting a new dining hot spot. Patrick’s sense of adventure and discovery keeps him on his toes whether he’s exploring Front Range trails, gardens throughout Asia or the streets of Denver for new restaurants.

With degrees in landscape architecture and horticulture, Patrick’s deep-seated love of plants helps inform his design of spaces from neighborhood parks to complex commercial and residential developments.

M.R. Hicks

Denver, CO

M.R.’s calm, classy exterior masks a wicked sense of humor with a generous helping of irony. She is addicted to reading, travel and the crash of ocean surf and has no trouble filling her free time with a good book or keeping up her frequent flyer mile count. M.R. is naturally curious about the how and why of a broad spectrum of topics, which comes in handy when she writes about how design can change our world.

M.R. leads Norris Design marketing efforts including strategic planning, public relations, marketing collateral development and staff mentoring, and contributes to client-focused work as part of our Branding group.

Mark Kieffer, AICP, LEED® AP

Denver, CO

Deeply interested in history and civilization as a boy, Mark was fascinated by stories about rebuilding European cities decimated by World War II. His career as a planner had its beginnings then, seeing cities rise to become places of renewed life and beauty. Mark also put his early urban planning theories to work with his brother, creating cities out of sticks, mud and stones in their backyard version of Sim City.

A member of the initial planning team for the Town of Parker, Mark was honored for his work with a pedestrian underpass named after him: Kieffer’s Crossing. He brings four decades of experience and expertise to our teams and is an invaluable resource who reminds us all to relax and embrace the complexities.

David Lane, PLA, LEED® AP

Denver, CO

A natural collaborator and design aesthete, Dave speaks the language of design with clients and teammates. Dave always sees multiple options to realize a project’s potential and vision, and explores them with a mix of creativity and practicality. His volleyball skills are legendary, his musical taste runs to “dad rock” and he admits that his two sons are totally the boss of him.

Dave’s ability to use hand-drawn graphics to quickly investigate and communicate possible design solutions is an invaluable skill for clients and project teams.

Bill Mahar, AICP

Denver, CO

Bill begins most days by grabbing a coffee and walking around downtown Denver communing with “his buildings” and admiring the urban form. As a kid who grew up in a tiny town on the Canadian border, no one is a bigger geek about the importance of placemaking. Fun fact: his family farm in North Dakota was featured in the movie “Fargo” for the bleakest, most frigid winter scenes.

Whether it’s collaborating with colleagues or working with the public on a vision for a community plan, Bill knows how to listen, find the best in others, and incorporate their ideas into thoughtful and realistic planning and design solutions.

Sean Malone, PLA

Denver, CO

As Norris Design’s second employee, Sean has helped put in place some of the firm’s most lasting systems and strategies. A forward-focused thinker, he is a one-man emergency preparedness kit. His experience as a volunteer fireman comes in handy, whether he’s putting out fires for clients or for staff. Sean heads to the foothills every night, where he keeps an eye on the wildlife that roams his back yard.

In his quarter century with Norris Design, Sean has maintained lasting relationships with clients, architects and subconsultants on numerous large, multi-phased projects of every type.

Eva Mather, LEED® AP

Denver, CO

Focused on building long-lasting relationships with clients and communities, Eva is known for her patience in public meetings, her skill with complicated projects and her attention to detail. Away from work, her twins (adorable, princess-loving athletes-in-training) teach her how to have fun and live in the moment. They even run with her as Eva works on improving her 5k speed for her next race.

Eva leads complex development teams through the entitlement and land development process for large-scale projects within a variety of jurisdictions across the Denver Metro area.

Ryan McBreen

Fort Collins, CO

An entitlements expert who is a man of many jurisdictions, Ryan believes in doing things the right way. When he’s not organizing the details of complex projects, he’s dreaming up recipe tweaks for his next U.S. BBQ championship event. Weekends are spent outdoors with his family and his current focus is teaching his youngest son the difference between letters and numbers. It’s trickier than you’d think.

Ryan is skilled in the project entitlements and approval process and enjoys finding creative solutions to seemingly impossible tasks

Bonnie Niziolek, LEED® AP

Denver, CO

With a strong attention to detail and fierce loyalty, Bonnie doesn’t give up until she finds the solution that works for everyone. She is committed to her craft (and her fashion-forward wardrobe) and is at her best managing big teams on challenging projects. Whether at a networking event or a team meeting, Bonnie is fun to be around and builds relationships with everyone in the room before she calls it a day.

Bonnie has extensive experience in managing large multi-disciplinary project teams through complex entitlement approvals within a variety of jurisdictions across the Denver Metro area.

John Norris, PLA, CLARB

Denver, CO

John combines natural business intuition with humble leadership. His success strategy sounds simple but is deceptively complex: find good people and immerse them in a caring, team-oriented environment that allows them to hone their craft and pursue their own dreams. For a big man, he owns two very small dogs who have been dyed KSU purple on occasion.

John formed Norris Design in 1985 and his work history reflects an incredibly diverse range of project types, sizes and locations throughout Colorado and beyond.  His nearly four decades of work in both the public and private sectors  leave a great legacy for the landscape architectural profession.

Samantha Pollmiller

Denver, CO

Sam doesn’t take herself too seriously – she saves that for bringing projects across the finish line with every detail just right. With a wry sense of humor and a true joy in working with all around her, she keeps up with the fast pace while juggling all the pieces of a project’s puzzle. Sam’s height makes her both easy to spot in a crowd and a valuable asset to the Norris Design volleyball team.

For as long as she can remember, she loved design and the beauty of the outdoors. Creativity came naturally to her, and once she figured out that landscape architecture was an actual profession, she was all in.

Diana Rael, PLA, CAASH

Denver, CO

Diana has been a culture-shaper at Norris Design for nearly 30 years. One of the “originals”, she sticks around because she loves that no two days are ever the same. Despite her maiden name (Diana Ross), she is not famous (yet) and she can’t carry a tune, but she is definitely a rock star planner. Wife to Jay and mother of college-age boy-girl twins, her whole family is left-handed —  including their Westie, Spike.

With her extensive planning and entitlement experience and an inclusive approach, Diana leads some of Norris Design’s most complex projects.


Brock Reimer, PLA

Denver, CO

A level-headed designer kind of guy, Brock has an appreciation for the natural environment and vintage Italian leather duffel bags. Devoted to his family and to crafting his design-centric career, Brock has a few secrets up his sleeve. He once led a flash mob at a wedding in Maryland and is a talented hand sketch artist who’s also totally comfortable in the complex world of computer design.

Brock collaborates with clients and consultants to create notable projects grounded by thoughtful, simple design values.

Brandi Rice, PLA

Frisco, CO

With a knack for problem-solving and figuring out how things go together, Brandi realized in college that landscape architects get to play with trees, and her career was born. Always the teacher, Brandi is the Yoda of CAD and patiently trains others in the ways of computer-aided design. When she isn’t in the office, Brandi is a seasoned traveler, who’s visited 5 of the 7 continents with her husband.

Organized and detail-oriented, Brandi designs spaces for people to play, live and enjoy through her parks and recreation design, master planning and design of urban plazas, playgrounds and open space.

Don Ryan

Denver, CO

Don has been interested in architecture since he was 12 years old when he began drawing house plans for imaginary sites instead of paying attention in class. He enjoys drawing by hand on the job almost every day, traveling to exotic places for inspiration, and caring for foster kids – two of which he and his wife Sarah have adopted.

Though he has a strong background in architecture, Don has always been a planner at heart and contributes a solid understanding of designing and planning in three dimensions for a variety of project types.

Michael Saucedo

Denver, CO

If Mike had a super power, it would be x-ray vision: when it comes to branding, he can clearly see the forest for the trees. Insatiable curiosity, keen intuition, and appreciation for thoughtful design make him an accomplished brand architect. He’s also known for his optimism and enthusiasm, resulting in impromptu high fives. When he’s not building brands, he’s enjoying nature with his family or building Legos with his daughter (who may or may not be into them as much as he is).

With more than fifteen years of experience building brands and experiences, Mike plays a key role in connecting planning and landscape architecture with brand equity.

Kelley Savage, PLA, CLARB

Fort Collins, CO

A Colorado native, Kelley grew up hiking, backpacking and mountain biking, a pedigree that she stays true to – as a grown-up, she has four bikes and one pair of heels. When she visits local parks and playgrounds she’s designed, her daughter is her proudest fan and her toughest design critic. Her husband and their border collie Carlo skip the commentary and just enjoy the final result.

After a year in architecture school drawing mostly straight lines, Kelley made the switch to landscape architecture. An analytical thinker who’s always thinking five steps ahead, Kelley strategizes the best path from A-Z from the very first meeting to reach the client’s end goal.

Elena Scott, LEED® AP

Frisco, CO

Elena’s unusually large feet have made her unafraid to fill big shoes. She takes challenges head-on with a quick wit and a lighthearted approach that are much appreciated in all the public meetings she attends. Living in Frisco with her husband Mike, son Miles and daughter Ceci, Elena’s best days involve a bike ride to work and appreciating the beauty of the Rocky Mountains from Main Street, which she helped design.

With a true passion for leading public and private development, Elena’s success stems from her ability to analyze and create realistic solutions from master planning through construction.

Scott Stoddard

Denver, CO

Scott’s love of the outdoors drew him to Colorado over 20 years ago. When he’s not on a construction site inspecting a Norris Design project, he’s exploring the lesser known backroads of Colorado with his family, wife Becky and sons Colby and Luke. At home in anything with 4-wheel drive, if he’s not on the trail you’ll find him tinkering in his garage on the next project.

As a construction specialist, Scott is in the field most days turning design vision into successful reality. His attention to detail and team-oriented work style help deliver projects that fulfill their promise.

Megan Testin, LEED® AP

Frisco, CO

A plant nerd, an artist and a problem solver, Megan loves to unlock the potential of spaces. With three little girls, she is expert at going with the flow and encouraging the best in others. Her energy and buoyant spirit are legendary and she firmly believes that dance is the answer no matter what – when life is going great or when all else fails.

Megan excels at project management and leading collaborative design processes from concept through construction, with a thorough understanding of each of the puzzle pieces that make up a successful project.

Kip Tinstman

Denver, CO

Kip swears he has no idea about what Norris Design planners and designers do all day, but he definitely knows his way around a spreadsheet. He juggles day-to-day operations with one hand while he creates strategic business tools to keep us ahead of the game with the other – no easy task. He once took a full year sabbatical to fly fish, and is happy that his amazing family supports this ongoing obsession.

As Norris Design’s firmwide finance and accounting leader, Kip oversees both day-to-day accounting functions as well as the firm’s overall financial strategy.

Leanne Vielehr

Denver, CO

At age 14, Leanne designed an alternative plan for her family’s backyard when she wasn’t busy playing SimCity to hone her master planning skills. She always brings a kind, positive, practical attitude to every situation – and doesn’t hesitate to bring a four-course meal in for breakfast at the office. During her off hours Leanne hosts dinner parties with her husband Nate and builds Lego cities with her two boys.

Enthusiastic about planting design, public art and timeless spaces, Leanne’s versatility makes her an invaluable team member.

Stacey Weaks, PLA, CLARB, LEED® AP

Denver, CO

Our very own Energizer bunny, Stacey makes time for everyone and everything – we suspect he just never sleeps to fit it all in. His entrepreneurial spirit brightens everything he does, for both his clients and the Norris Design team. Stacey shares his love of Formula 1 racing (which may explain his continual high gear) and skiing fast with his three kids and his most valued teammate, his wife Bridget.

Stacey brings his collective experience in land use vision planning, community planning, urban design and parks and recreation to lead a diversity of private and public projects. He led the expansion in Arizona for Norris Design in 2004.


Senior Associates

Tori Aidala, LEED® AP

Frisco, CO

A tour of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robbie House when she was all of 10 years old made Tori fall in love with architecture. A career fair a few years later introduced her to landscape architecture and the colorful sketches that illustrated the importance of the space around a building. Ever an overachiever, Tori got Master’s degrees in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture, then made up her mind — she would be a landscape architect. With a layered, holistic approach to design, it’s second nature for Tori to envision the interplay of inside to outside.

Working from our Frisco office, Tori is expert at expanding her network while playing competitive ice hockey at the Breckenridge Ice Arena or riding the chairlift pretty much anywhere in Summit County.

Greg Banks, PLA, LEED® AP BD+C

Denver, CO

Greg hails from a long line of career military, attending 14 schools and one college before he found his tribe at CSU. His adaptability to any challenge springs from this nomadic background and his own military service, but Greg is happy to call Norris Design home, at last. Fanatic followers of the CSU Rams, Greg and his family fit in outdoor hikes between games.

Greg is very much at home practicing his Jedi Knight skills in diplomatic mediation with clients, contractors and city staff to keep all the project plates spinning successfully.

Chris Bates

Denver, CO

Chris may not be either a landscape architect or a planner, but he could totally play one on TV. A talented 3D visualization and animation artist, he has a well-deserved reputation for bringing project concepts to life. Compare an early project rendering that Chris created with the photograph of the built work and it looks like magic. He’s also the mad genius behind the grill for Norris Design burger and brat cookouts.

When Chris ventures out from behind his computer you’ll find him at a concert (in one recent year he attended 75 of them), biking to a brewery, or sifting through vinyl at a thrift store.

Alyssa Butler, PLA

Denver, CO

Alyssa has a couple of obsessions: she can turn any word/phrase/conversation instantly into a jingle and literally can’t stop renovating her house. While these might not seem to be connected, we think they both say the same thing about her — she is a natural creator at her core.

Whether Alyssa is designing a park, a rooftop space or an entire community, she sees design as the ultimate problem-solving tool. She is happiest sketching out ideas with pencil and paper, or mentoring new staff as they launch their careers in the design world.  A transplant from South Dakota, she happily explores Colorado’s mountains whenever she takes a break from the next house project on her list.

Ben Carlson, PLA

Denver, CO

Growing up with a mountaineering dad and a road racing runner mom in Colorado Springs, Ben’s happy place was anywhere outdoors. He also loved puzzles, mazes and problem-solving. Put the two together and a landscape architect with a specialty in site plans and yield studies was born.

Ben and his wife Anna explore nature all over the state when he’s not coaching local high school track sprinters through the training/running season. He continues to compete himself with the goal of being faster than his young athletes each year. He’s still not sure if succeeding in that goal means bad coaching or good running.

Emily E. Cox

Denver, CO

Like all great marketers, Emily brings the ideal blend of creativity, curiosity and organization to work with her every day. Expertly juggling the changing demands of a marketing day, Emily is the ultimate team player, collaborating with our staff, consultant teams and the marketing group to keep every deliverable on message, on brand and on time. Emily is our go-to guru on everything from our website to making the most of our brand in the marketplace.

An accomplished chef in her free time, Emily’s dream vacation involves a cozy house in the middle of the mountains with a killer kitchen and a view of a lake she can kayak on. As if she’s not busy enough in the office, Emily also hosts a doggy B&B as one of’s most popular pet sitters. Her own two pups help her run the concierge desk.

Kristin Dean

Denver, CO

Kristin is a fanatic about two things: craft beer and planning everything in both her professional and personal lives down to the last detail. From a young age, she knew she wanted to find a better way to plan developed places to incorporate more of the natural world — creating spaces that enhance connection.

Kristin’s search for better alternatives doesn’t stop until she and her clients are convinced she’s found the best solution. And if you’re looking to maximize your brewery-hopping logistics, she’s on the case.

Dylan Dettmann

Denver, CO

Dylan is both right- and left-brained – voted “most artistic” in high school, he went on to study engineering on an art scholarship at the University of Wisconsin. An avid hiker, mountain biker, nature photographer, and relatively unaccomplished fly fisherman, Dylan spends much of his free time enjoying Colorado’s beauty.  Combining an interest in design and architecture with his love of the outdoors led him to landscape architecture, where that right/left brain thing serves him well.

Dylan enjoys the design process most when he is collaborating with project teams and clients on complex projects that require creative problem-solving, whether large or small.

Jessica Hindman

Denver, CO

Jess is all about elegant solutions — whether it’s finding a way to streamline a system or finding a better process altogether. Focused on finance and all things operational, her best day is when she can give technical staff more time to plan and design rather than worry about the nuts and bolts of business.

When she’s finished making life simpler at the office for all of us, she’s outdoors riding bikes, snowboarding and hanging with her family — where all the details disappear.

Ryan Holdorf

Denver, CO

A fan of artsy eyeglasses and funky socks, Ryan is a Midwest transplant whose wanderlust brought him to Denver over a decade ago. He never turns down a design challenge, and loves to create spaces where people make lasting memories. In his free time, Ryan skate-cations across the U.S., collects pop art and tracks down the sweet sounds of rare Soul and R&B records.

The ability to integrate art, horticulture and construction first drew him to become a landscape architect. With a strong grasp of the details, materials and construction, Ryan also firmly believes that every space should have a soul.

Dave Jenkins

Denver, CO

You’ll often find Dave working the old-fashioned way: with a pencil in his hand. Whether laying out a large master planned community or rendering a perspective, his best work is done while putting his thoughts directly on paper. When it comes to his personal time, he’s a family man who says the best thing his kids have taught him is the beauty of a short memory.

Dave’s digital abilities rival his hand graphics. He keeps one foot planted firmly in his planning and landscape architecture background at all times as he guides projects through the municipal submittal process.

Andrew Lyons, PLA

Denver, CO

As a kid, Andrew expressed himself through drawing, sketching and doodling. When he learned that landscape architects start with a simple pen stroke that evolves into a complex design impacting people’s lives every day, he was hooked. Andrew always dedicates serious attention to the moments when initial hand-drawn lines lead the way for final design.

Known for his Zen-like calm and a voice that was meant to record audio books, Andrew will put both of these to work as he and his wife Kate welcome their baby girl in January 2023. His hobbies of hiking and running help him with the aftereffects of Kate’s masterful baking. His officemates are always ready and willing to deal with any leftovers.

Mark Meadows

Denver, CO

The first in his family to move away from North Carolina, Mark was introduced to Colorado when he took a summer job during college at the Estes Park YMCA. At the end of that summer he applied to CSU, changed his major from business/accounting to environmental horticulture, and never looked back.

Mark has spent his career designing and managing technically challenging landscape designs. With a friendly but no-nonsense approach, he combines an eye for details with a focus on the 50,000-foot-high view. He keeps it all in perspective pedaling toward his yearly 10,000 mile goal on one of his many bicycles, and competing in cycling races across the U.S.

Patrick Meyer, LEED® AP

Fort Collins, CO

Patrick failed his first driver’s license test, but that’s the last time this perfectionist didn’t achieve his goals. A Colorado mountain boy who loves the outdoors, he brings a craftsman’s eye and focused dedication over the long haul to every project. Patrick loves to watch things grow, including his three children, the built environment, and sourdough cultures that make outstanding high-altitude bread.

As a landscape architect, Patrick delivers well-grounded design results by melding attention to detail with an artistic approach, from first visioning through final installation.

Chris Muir, PLA

Denver, CO

A native of the East Coast, Chris studied botany in Vermont, horticulture in Montana and landscape architecture in Colorado — he got a lot of bases covered in his journey west. With this background, it’s no surprise that one of his favorite tasks is to painstakingly research plants for specific regions to bring his landscape designs alive and see them flourish.

Chris is a marathon runner and spans the regions in his competitive life as well – he’s run in Boston, Leadville and Santa Barbara to name a few.  His two little ones have taught him that slowing down is good, too — whether it’s for an epic water cannon battle or a snake hunt adventure.

Jason Naughtin, CID, CLIA, CLT, QWEL

Denver, CO

Jason translates his years of experience as a landscape contractor into practical solutions in the field for our clients. He identifies proudly as an irrigation nerd, and is self-taught on both AutoCAD and the intricacies of irrigation design. The upside: he’s a master at creating designs and drawings that are clear, buildable, maintenance-friendly and elegantly water-efficient.

A Colorado native, Jason is currently in the years-long process of restoring a 1971 Ford Bronco that was his first car. Her name is Wilma and she and Jason have been together for almost 30 years.

Lindsay Newman

Frisco, CO

Lindsay loves a challenge – whether it’s bushwhacking to a high alpine lake or creating a strategic solution that solves multiple issues. A self-confessed data nerd, she is happiest researching code and analyzing facts and figures that others overlook.

Lindsay’s happy place is designing for the mountain resorts where she plays and creating affordable places for mountain locals to call home. When it comes to the Colorado lifestyle she is totally committed, both personally and professionally.

Catherine Nichols, PHR, SPHR

Denver, CO

In her HR role, Catherine has one of the toughest assignments in the shop – yet handles it all with wisdom and grace. Her best days at work include helping people find their dream jobs and guiding coworkers as they navigate difficult situations. She is genius at both.

Driving through busy traffic one day, Catherine saw a scrawny stray puppy dodging cars.  She pulled over to the median, whistled at him and he jumped into her car — she and Finn have been best pals ever since. An intrepid traveler, Catherine has the Annapurna circuit in her sights. Finn is busy checking out dog-friendly routes.

Caroline Rice

Denver, CO

As a child, Caroline had dreams of starring on Broadway. By the time she was 18 she had been in 26 shows, with an ability for remembering dialogue and lyrics that has stayed firmly in place. She puts that skill to work every day, distilling complex sets of information into key insights to build compelling, authentic brands.

Caroline is an avid traveler who recognizes the power of a well-built brand, wherever she sees it. A natural storyteller who is attuned to users’ mindsets, needs and values, she is adept at translating them into brands that embody memorable experiences and unforgettable places.

Cara Scohy, PLA

Fort Collins, CO

Cara loves connecting people with a beautiful outdoor environment but leaves the yard work at home to her husband. A Fort Collins native, she became a landscape architect to put her artistic ability to work and see her design ideas in built form. With a special interest in revitalizing historic and underused areas, Cara explores the context of each site to inform its design and connect it in new ways to the community.

With an infectious giggle (especially after a glass or two of wine), Cara is a natural connector and communicator with both clients and project teams.

Jared Sickmann

Fort Collins, CO

In high school, Jared won the award for best smile. We totally agree and are lucky to see it every day, especially when he’s at the drawing tables making magic with pen and paper.  Designing spaces that have a positive impact are his specialty and his drawing skills are always in demand.

During his off hours, Jared is biking, snowboarding, trail running or competing in a recreational sports league. A truly good time involves multitasking: sketching landscape scenes during a hike or camping trip. That’s when his award-winning smile really comes out to play.