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Westminster Station Area Construction in Full Swing

February 4, 2015

From The City of Westminster, http://www.ci.westminster.co.us/News/NewsArchives/tabid/381/Article/2242/westminster-station-area-construction-in-full-swing.aspx

Two construction projects are well underway in the Westminster Station and Little Dry Creek area.

The station plaza north retaining wall at the north pedestrian tunnel entrance has taken shape. All the concrete for the wall has been poured.

The city’s contractor, Lobato Construction, LLC, will begin the final phase to complete the project, which includes water-proofing, installing drain systems behind the wall to prevent stormwater build-up, and backfilling behind the wall with dirt. Lobato is scheduled to complete these tasks by the end of January.

Once the retaining wall is complete, Burlington Northern Santa Fe rail company will place their new railroad tracks above the wall. The current railroad track alignment will be used for the commuter rail, however the tracks will be replaced with new tracks that will meet the commuter rail train’s specifications.

In collaboration with Urban Drainage and Flood Control District and Adams County, EDGE Contracting, Inc., is working with the city on the Little Dry Creek drainage improvements at Federal Boulevard.

The scope of this project includes extending the existing 108-inch reinforced concrete pipe and the 10-by-14-foot concrete box culvert under Federal Boulevard, grading the Little Dry Creek channel on the west and east side of Federal Boulevard, and constructing a headwall (retaining wall) adjacent to both culverts. This project will improve the existing culverts’ efficiency in conveying Little Dry Creek water under Federal Boulevard.

EDGE has poured the concrete headwall around the 108-inch reinforced concrete pipe on the west side of Federal Boulevard. They will finish the east portion of the 108-inch pipe before commencing work on the concrete box culvert. The project is scheduled for completion in April.

Excitement is growing for the City of Westminster as the Westminster Station area continues to mold into a premier transit-oriented destination. The Regional Transportation District plans to open the Westminster Station in mid-2016.

More information on the Westminster Station is available on the City's website.