Phoenix's SEED Spot

Norris Design Contributes to Phoenix's SEED Spot

August 24, 2012

Launching in the fall of 2012, SEED SPOT is a nonprofit incubator focused on supporting Arizona’s most innovative social entrepreneurs; those creating high impact ventures that improve the lives of people and communities on a local, national, or global scale.

Whether a for-profit business with a social mission or a nonprofit organization with a sustainable revenue model – SEED SPOT believes in supporting entrepreneurs that are launching innovative ideas that improve lives, make communities stronger, and create positive social change.

Each year from July 1 – August 30, SEED SPOT’s application process is open. Eligibility requirements mandate that all ventures demonstrate social impact, showcase a strong financial model, and are generating less than $500,000 in annual revenue. Additionally, the entrepreneurs must reside in the state of Arizona and commit to their venture full-time. A selection panel reviews all applications, interviews finalists, and selects up to 20 ventures to participate in the SEED SPOT program starting each October.

The SEED SPOT program was built using best practices from across the country; 18 different modules focus on legal formation, market analysis, competitive analysis, business plan development, commercialization, marketing/sales, public relations, financial planning, revenue generation, capital requirements, operations, infrastructure, growth/sustainability, go-to-market strategy, and how to secure funding.

The SEED SPOT program is delivered by volunteer industry experts and supported by community-based mentors. All ventures receive office space, are able to interact with a network of successful local entrepreneurs, and have an opportunity to secure capital at a capstone pitch event. Ventures can stay at SEED SPOT for up to one year after which point, they are encouraged to find office space near the SEED SPOT building, along the light-rail corridor or, at minimum, inside the state of Arizona.

Check out the SEED Spot documentary for more information about the initiative.

Joel Thomas, from Norris Design's Phoenix office, elaborated on the company's role on the project:
"Norris Design was selected by the client and design team to help realize the proposed use of this vacant bank building. We preserved the character of the site by utilizing the existing geometric shapes, planters, and site walls. A courtyard is now located near the entrance of the building to provide an outdoor event space that is an extension of the interior. The lone existing totem pole cactus has been relocated to become a focal point at the entrance to the building. The existing raised planter at the entrance of the building has been enhanced with a specimen Ironwood tree and accent plantings, while the existing matching planter within the courtyard has been converted into a water feature to add interest and relieve the sounds of the busy city. Norris Design creatively designed this facility to provide a space for its' users that will generate a great space for education, collaboration, and success."
Click here to see a before and after conceptualization.