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Norris Design Making Tracks in Panama

August 19, 2015

Norris Design was recently tabbed to design 16 new Light Rail Stations with Panama Metro on their second rapid transit line, in Panama City, Panama. Panama's Transit System is the first metro rail system in Central America and is expected to be fully-operational by 2035. The entire system will eventually offer four regional-serving lines, projected to carry over 40,000 passengers per hour.

Panama Metro’s $1.8 billion Line 1 took about three years to construct and includes 12 train stations. It has been operational for about a year and is considered a huge victory for the city and the surrounding areas it serves. This first line is capable of carrying about 15,000 passengers per hour, and while ridership is expanding, demand continues to soar among communities and neighborhoods that have yet to be connected to the system.

The second line of rapid transit in Panama is Line 2, which will be broken into two phases and will total 16 stations. This Line will initially be able to transport 16,000 passengers per hour.

John Norris, Mike Copeland, and Alyssa Butler will be working with Panama Metro, Cotrans, and other collaborators on this new transit line over the next few months, providing research, analysis and station design. Line 2 is expected to be completed in 2018, and Lines 3 and 4 will follow.

We are excited for this significant opportunity, expanding internationally into new territories and markets while working with new clientele on a progressive project like Panama’s highly-anticipated rapid transit system. For more information please visit