Masterplan for Ackerman Park Presented

September 20, 2013

Norris Design's Keith Demchinski recently presented the Ackerman Park Masterplan on September 17th to the Glen Ellyn Park Board.

The Glen Ellyn Patch presented a story about the presentation:

Glen Ellyn Park Board: Master Plan for Ackerman, Prairie Path Turns 50
By Karen Chadra

The Glen Ellyn Park Board will hear a presentation on the Ackerman Park master plan at its meeting at 7 p.m. today, Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Keith Demchinski of Norris Design will present a preliminary concept for the plan based on maintenance needs, and current and anticipated use. The presentation will highlight long-term improvements.

Short-term recommendations, five-year operating budget, project schedule, natural areas, funding resources, potential partnerships and an overall narrative still need to be formulated.

Following board and staff input, Norris Design will meet with Ackerman Park users, including Lakers Soccer, Glen Ellyn House League Soccer and the Phillies Softball, to incorporate their ideas and suggestions. A public meeting will then be hosted by the Park District.

Glen Ellyn Park District solicited proposals for professional services for the Ackerman Park master plan. The district was interested in design, renovating and improving athletic fields, irrigation system, lighting and trails, along with the passive and natural areas. For 30 years, the district has performed “band-aid” improvements to the property without an overall goal or long-term plan, according to board members. While functional, the property remains in almost the same condition it was in the 80s, despite increased usage, greater and evolving demand and higher expectations.

The master plan will be a working document that identifies the most efficient use and layout of athletic fields. Some improvements will be immediate, while others are long-term and conceptual.

After public feedback, a final master plan will be presented for approval. The estimated cost for park improvements is $1.5 million, but that estimate was created with limited design detail.

You can also read the story here.

Take a look at the masterplan concepts for the fall and the spring proposed by Norris Design.