Castle Rock Town Hall LED Sign

New LED Sign at Castle Rock Town Hall

December 10, 2012

From Our Castle Rock News
By Rhonda Moore

The Town of Castle Rock has installed an LED message sign in front of town hall to communicate event messaging with town residents.

The sign, which stands less than 7 feet tall at its highest point, is intended to share information about events, activities and programs the town deems of interest to the public, according to a press release.

The LED sign was installed in partnership with the county, the chamber of commerce, the downtown development authority and the downtown merchants association, said Kristin Accola, town spokeswoman.

The sign will also display emergency information for passersby, including weather alerts, Amber alerts, fire restrictions and code red mass notifications.

“We'll use it for general town messaging and it may advertise features of our website,” Accola said. “We see it as a partnership for the community to promote their events, for the nonprofits to promote their events and for people in the community to have a central place where they know they can go for events information.”

Nonprofits can rent space on the sign for $75 for one week of messages and $125 for two weeks of messages. Sign space is also available to the partnering agencies for event promotions, with a text line available to recognize a sponsor, Accola said.

The sign cost the town about $50,000, according to the Nov. 13 staff report that accompanied the council request to approve the sign usage policy. The cost was offset with a $10,000 contribution from Douglas County, $5,000 from the chamber of commerce and $3,000 from the downtown alliance.

With anticipated annual rental revenues estimated to be around $11,700, the town expects to recover its investment within three to five years.

The sign replaced an over-the-street banner system formerly erected on Wilcox Street. Up to two banners were erected at a time, but cables and a post broke and the system was abandoned in 2010, according to the town.

The cost to replace the banners was estimated to cost up to $25,000, according to town staff.

The LED portion of the sign is about 20.5 inches tall and 93.5 inches wide and the sign will be lit from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily. The sign may be activated outside of regular hours for emergency notifications.

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