Green Without Greed

April 7, 2014

GREEN without GREED mocks the American obsession for manicured lawn by demonstrating that a dynamic verdant garden can be created with only synthetic turf. Predictable and easily maintained, synthetic turf offers year-round vegetal perfection, without intensive maintenance. Inside the garden, visitors are surrounded by lush green hues. The entire ground plane is blanketed in a two tone lawn quilt, made of true-to-life synthetic varieties. For whimsy and fun, two play mounds emerge from the lawn quilt. These multi-faceted forms, swathed in synthetic blends, offer seating for respite and ramps for romping. In lieu of a water feature, a large gazing dome sits in the center of the garden, providing an ever-changing reflection of light. Inside GREEN without GREED children and adults are welcome to indulge their senses inside a sin-free, synthetic oasis.

Norris Design provided sponsorship to Jessica Canfield and Kansas State University Design Team.

Read more about the project through their blog!

Below are a few images of the project location, the team members, the progress and the final product.