Citizen Gardener

Citizen Became (a Gardener)

February 5, 2013

By: Jonathan Wagner, RLA

Earlier in January, I had the great opportunity to knock off one of my biggest New Year’s resolutions: start a garden. In the pages that follow, you will find my educational journey through the first installment of the 2013 Sustainable Food Center ‘Citizen Gardener Program’. As you will see, the amount of information in this brief and affordable course is quite simply staggering. With a little bit of luck it also provided me with a jump start to my 2013 to-do list. Talk about a bonus!

If it’s not completely obvious by the end of this post I will clarify, if you have any desire to learn more about the local, sustainable food movement and how you can contribute, do not hesitate to enroll in the next Spring course. Hopefully, if you are reading this and are thinking about enrolling, I can help persuade you. And if you live elsewhere in the world, that’s no excuse. Get out and get involved in your community. There are great folks out there just waiting to meet YOU and get inspired BY YOU. Don’t delay.

The four W’s. Or, “the essential introduction”.

Day #1, my goals and the basics. Oh man, what have I been missing!

Who knew it was really this easy? Especially with 20+ lending a hand. The moral: Friends= cheap labor

Only 9 more weeks until Harvest! The key, start today!! One less day to wait for local food.

Dirty, deliciously dark. 100% Pure.

The luckiest living boy in East-Austin.

Community is the key. Help a friend. Help a stranger. Help yourself.

Now we’re getting serious. Experimenting leads to great ideas.

Moisture is the essence of wetness. And rainwater is a thing of beauty.

If you are out at the garden, look for the guy with the big grin. That’s me. Happiness incarnate.

Now, I do not deceive you in saying that these 20 pages are from 3 class periods. The sheer amount of knowledge between Dick Pierce, Jenni Lafferty, and Vanessa Toro is remarkable. However, the most incredible part is how easy is was to grasp the concepts and quickly apply them to our unique circumstances. Each one of us has different backgrounds, but one common goal. Make a difference in our community one bite at a time. What’s more to love than that?