Breckenridge F-Lot, Parking, Norris Design, Landscape Architecture, Planning, Colorado

Breckenridge F-Lot Studies

August 22, 2014

The F-Lot is an over utilized parking lot in downtown Breckenridge, CO with poor connections to nearby amenities. The Town of Breckenridge hired a team of consultants including Norris Design to study how a parking structure would work in this space to expand parking. Norris Design’s objective for this project was to analyze current uses of adjacent properties to create new connections, space for festivals, pedestrian circulation and open space enhancement surrounding the proposed parking structure. We developed three different concepts, each emphasizing pedestrian connections to Breckenridge Ski Resort, Main Street, and the Riverwalk Center. We also focused on creating plaza space for vendors, river viewing with access, and bike path connections. The F-Lot is central to downtown Breckenridge and has potential to become an activity hub.