Norris Design Celebrates World Bee Day!

Posted on May 16, 2019
Bees bring us an array of invaluable benefits, from honey, wax, and other compounds utilized throughout history to pollination, ensuring that plants have a consistent means of reproduction (and we all have food to eat!). Without bees, the world we know today would not exist. Currently, nearly 10% of the world’s bee populations face extinction. In the United States alone, we saw a 33% reduction in bee populations just in 2017!

These declines are due to diseases and pests that have spread through globalization, habitat loss due to urbanization and climate change, and expanded use of pesticides and other chemicals that negatively affect their anatomy. If we don’t change habits and practices now, we could begin to see drastic changes: from the foods we eat and how much they cost to reduced environmental biodiversity.


At Norris Design, we’re taking steps to tackle some of the more pressing issues bees face. As landscape architects and planners, we play an important role in the way we grow and develop as a society. We can do this in a responsible manner that promotes bee habitat rather than eliminating it. Through research, we’ve identified ways to incorporate the needs of bees into our everyday designs and begin to mitigate some of the trends that affect crucial bee populations. You’ll find links below to some of our projects that feature bee-friendly design.

In recognition of World Bee Day, here are some things you might not know about bees:






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