Alan Beaudoin

Phoenix, AZ

Known as the Maestro for his masterful orchestration skills in building great project teams, Alan’s favorite days are when he can teach and mentor staff and colleagues. He has thrived in both the public and private sectors, and literally knows everyone in Arizona as a result. Back in the day, Alan hitchhiked across the USA and married his high school sweetheart, who was very patient with that little detour.

Alan’s career includes significant involvement in Phoenix planning and development over the course of three decades as a planner for the City of Phoenix and in private practice.


Phoenix, AZ

Fun-loving, adventurous and positive, Mary’s honesty, humor and kindness along with her years of experience make her a natural leader and mentor. Addicted to international travel, she brings back cultural influences from around the world that infuse her design solutions. The travel does have one down side: she’s not around for long enough to take care of a garden of her own.

With a background in both landscape architecture and architecture, Mary’s career has been dedicated to design excellence and the advancement of artful, relevant responses to a variety of project types.

Jason Kuklinski, PLA, CCID

Tucson, AZ

Jason’s tough guy exterior masks a big teddy bear who takes projects, clients, and staff to heart. He loves the technical aspects of his profession and is definitely an implementation fan who likes to see design translated into the real thing. A veteran traveler, he and his wife are checking off their bucket list destinations and always have their next adventure in the works – even as they take off on their current one.

Jason utilizes his broad experience to incorporate client objectives while considering the end user to provide efficient and environmentally sound design solutions.

Joel Thomas, PLA

Phoenix, AZ

A self-proclaimed foodie, Joel may have eaten at every restaurant in the greater Phoenix metro area. His mentoring specialties include busting a move on the dance floor, demonstrating wakeboard backflips (and crashes), and guiding his team in dreaming up artistic outdoor spaces for everyone to enjoy. He will gladly include restaurant reviews as part of his project delivery process.

Joel guides each phase of the design process to create and reinforce theme and identity from concept to completion. His site planning and landscape design skills encompass a variety of styles and scales.


Senior Associates

Ron Harris

Phoenix, AZ

At the age of 7, Ron saw his first set of architectural building plans and was hooked on technical drawings. A major Star Wars fan, he spent a fair amount of time drawing space ships and robots – even now he daydreams about the possibilities of interstellar architecture.

Trained as a building architect, Ron was always intrigued by development land planning and entitlements and followed that impulse straight to a different career. His focus on solving problems through design contributes to the built environment of communities throughout Arizona.

Aaron Hayne, LEED® AP

Flagstaff, AZ

Aaron starts his design day with two distinct advantages: he’s an ace in geometry and he thinks in 3D. Seamlessly melding form and function, integrating the natural environment with the built world – Aaron’s designs are rooted in geometric reasoning, no matter how sinuous they are. In his free time you’ll find him hanging out with family, mountain biking, hiking with his dogs or working on trails as a volunteer.

Aaron leads the Flagstaff office and is dedicated to providing exceptional service and solutions that clients value, from concept design through construction.

Jennifer Meyers

Phoenix, AZ

Loyal, reliable, and incredibly hard-working, Jenn Is most comfortable at home with her two dogs, who are sisters. Growing up she loved science and architecture, and decided that landscape architecture was the best of both worlds. Jenn has lived in Arizona for 25 years and has never visited the Grand Canyon – but was married on a cliff in Hawaii.  Go figure.

Jenn designs well-balanced, functional, aesthetically pleasing environments that fulfill both client requests and municipal intent, from master planned communities to her own Mid-century Modern home.

Brian Sager, PLA, CID, LEED® AP

Phoenix, AZ

Botanical gardens in general and Japanese gardens in particular led Brian to the profession of landscape architecture. From this start, the size of the projects he’s involved with has increased substantially. With a dry, subtle sense of humor, Brian is totally serious about University of Kansas (Jayhawks!) basketball.  And you can also call him to talk about what Mister Miyagi got wrong.

Brian’s work creatively integrates natural and healthy environments into the life of cities and public spaces, with a professional approach that focuses first and foremost on client goals.

Chris Stebe, PLA

Tucson, AZ

Always ready for a good laugh, Chris believes in combining positivity with pragmatism (he calls this optimistic pessimism). To us that means he keeps his attitude upbeat and stays in balance no matter the challenge. A puzzle solver like many of our staff, Chris got into the profession for a very simple reason: shrubs are way easier to draw than buildings.

A leader in irrigation design and technologies, Chris focuses on the importance of responsible water management to ensure projects are well-established and thrive within the fluctuations of regional conditions.